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DOs and DON'Ts on this directory:

This directory has a collection of a wide variety of websites arranged into different topics and categories. Most of the websites here are submitted or recommended by the users. In an attempt to keep this directory user-friendly and healthy, we have implemented some of the community guidelines that any contributors to this website have to follow.

Any websites listed on this directory will be reviewed by the administrator before adding them into the directory. The websites that are not capable of meeting the following requirements will be rejected:

Preserve Relevancy
All websites submitted should be relevant to the respective category they are submitted into. Please select the category wisely because the websites that are submitted to the categories that are not relevant to it will be rejected.

Spamming is strongly prohibited. Please do not submit the same webpage more than once. Also, it is required that you submit your webpage to a category that matches its content the most. Otherwise, it may be classified as a spam by our administrators, and rejected from inclusion in this directory.

Sexually Explicit Materials
Any webpages with mature (18+) content are not accepted in this directory. If such webpages are submitted, they will be rejected. Any webpages that have been added because of a human error, or have changed their content to adult content after being accepted for inclusion in this directory will be deleted. Any further requests for addition of pages from that webpage will be declined automatically.

Copyrighted Materials
Copyright violations are strongly discouraged. Please do not submit any webpages containing copyrighted materials. If there are any pages in this directory that are violating copyrights of an original copyright holder, please report them by clicking on the "Report Abuse" button on the webpage box. Once the report has been made, we will take down that link and also decline the addition of any other page from that website.

Violent Contents
Violence is never good, and should never be promoted. Violent contents may not be suitable for everybody who visits our directory because they may find them disturbing. Please do not submit any webpages with violent contents. If you see any webpages listed in this directory that have violent contents, please report them immediately.

Do Good; Be Good
The end guideline to our users is to do good and be good. If you do anything with a good intention, it tends to give out a good result. Please suggest webpages that are appropriate to be included; and, while browsing through this directory, if you see any link that you believe is not appropriate in any way, please report it.

We intend to keep this directory healthy and useful. With your support, we can achieve it. Thank you for reading these guidelines. Have fun browsing!

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