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Johnson: bilingual brains: Variety makes you (mentally ...
FOR years, researchers in bilingualism have been touting striking findings about how bilingualism affects the brain. Two of the most memorable involve ...
The Bilingual Brain - Nielsen N.V.
What are the best ways to reach and connect with Hispanic bilingual Millennials?
Being Bilingual May Boost Your Brain Power : NPR
In an interconnected world, speaking more than one language is becoming increasingly common. Approximately one-fifth of Americans speak a non-English ...
Neuroscience and the Bilingual Brain | Edutopia
Blogger Judy Willis shares neuroscientific research suggesting that children growing up bilingual develop better focus and judgment.
Bilingual Brains – Smarter & Faster | Psychology Today
The networks that appear more active in the brains of bilingual children are part of the brain’s CEO networks, called executive functions. These are a ...
Bilingual Brains are Better - YouTube
Being bilingual can drastically alter your life... and we don't just mean being able to order from a menu when visiting a foreign country! Trace has the ...
To Stave Off Alzheimer's, Learn a Language?
To Stave Off Alzheimer's, Learn a Language? Even late in life, picking up a new tongue can slow effects of aging, expert says.
What Bilingual Babies Reveal About the Brain: Q&A with ...
Psychology studies of bilingual babies suggest that learning two languages can offer brain and cognitive advantages. Scientists hope studying bilingual babies can ...
The Bilingual Brain -
As scientists unlock more of the neurological secrets of the bilingual brain, they're learning that speaking more than one language may have cognitive benefits that ...

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