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Abscess: Causes, Symptoms, Tests, and Treatment - WebMD
Learn more from WebMD about different types of abscesses, including their symptoms and treatment.
What is an abscess? - WebMD Answers
An abscess is a localized collection of pus in tissues, organs, or confined spaces usually due to an infection.
What Is a Peritonsillar Abscess?s – WebMD
WebMD explains the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of a peritonsillar abscess, a potentially dangerous infection that forms next to the tonsils.
Dental abscess - WebMD Boots
A dental abscess is formed of pus affecting teeth or gums. Dental abscess can cause throbbing pain and is caused by bacterial infection.
Cats: Lumps or Bumps on or Beneath the Skin - WebMD
Lumps and bumps in cats can be harmless or a cause for concern. Learn about the types and when to get them checked by your vet.
Skin Abscess: Home Remedies and Treatment
Treatment of a skin abscess involves drainage and antibiotics if there is a surrounding infection. Get information about abscess symptoms, causes (MRSA), and home ...
Abdominal pain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Abdominal pain, also known as stomach pain or stomachache, is a common symptom associated with both temporary, non-serious disorders and more serious conditions.

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